iPhones are Intelligent Enough

Apple’s new release of iPhone got a fantastic  features in it. Through which we can. sorry, iPhone can make itself in a safer zone and we will be happy because of this feature. 

In iphone, Apple.Inc try to include features which make iPhones are even better and they are proving that, it’s worth to pay for iPhone.

The latest release of iPhone series got a inbuilt robot/machine, which make iPhone to think smarter. Let see more on it.

We couldn’t able to express the tension which we get, while we drop our smart phone.  Just think that your dropping your iPhone. No need to explain those pressure. Apple’s new technology make iPhones to think better while we dropping our iPhone.

Apple’s engineers add a artificial intelligence motor to iPhone which will work automatically while iPhones are dropping. Sensor in the iPhone make the motor to work.

The motor get triggered automatically  when we dropping our iPhone. The automatically calculates the height and make the motor to work. Motor make iPhone to rotate the way which make less effect while dropping. So that our iPhone won’t get too damage. No need to get much tension on it.


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