About Us

I’m Gopi, Completed my Computer Science Engineering from RMD Engineering College and working as a Software Engineer in an MNC company. I’ve working on .Net and many of Microsoft Technologies and also a web application developer. I’m interested in blogging too.

I have started Techmarketworld as a part time blogging, after some time I’ve received many comments from my visitors saying like, “Keep your work, we like your blogging” and much more. So, I’ve decided to blogging on wide range of topics related to tricks, reviews and technology.

As I told previously, to explain my programming knowledge. I’ve started an website called Programming Snippets. Where you can get Code snippets, Hints for developing programs  and Programs snippets in various Computer Programming Languages.This site will be an gateway for the beginners to learn programming.

I’ve taken Seminar on web application development and web designing in CSC for about 60 members.

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumbleupon, Linkedin


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Such a great efforts,
    “”Now a days education standard is decreasing. A well wished school kinder garden students can able to speak in English without any Grammer mistakes. But, The students from middle classes are not able to speak in English fluently for two lines. Why this huge Difference is occur? What and where is the problem? we can’t help them by arranging an meeting with them.””
    real fact…..


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