Share Anything Easily with Bufferapp

This is the new online application which let you to share any thing easily. wherever and whenever you want.

The new web application let you to share any web URL instantly. Bufferapp let you to share anything on Facebook, Twitter, Google+,, instantly

If you having blog or site then this WebApp is nice to share your contents instantly. You can schedule your post to share as you want. But, it’s a paid services. It let you to share limited no of URL’s for free and then it will prompt you for signing up. It’s the best Web application. even I’m using BufferApp.

Just logon to your BufferApp website and then add your social networking accounts with Buffer and then copy paste any URL you want to share and then click on the arrow button presents aside of add to queue button. select the date and time you want it to share and then save it.

It will automatically share the URL to your Social networking sites as per your schedule time. To share any URL, just copy the URL to share and log on to your BufferApp then go to your Dashboard. Now you can see your linked social networking sites on the left hand side select an account from it and then paste the copied code than, select the date and time to share your URL.

In this way, you can share as URL’s you want, Once it reaches the free limit it will prompt you to open a commercial account. You need a credit card/debit card details for registration and it let you to choose a plan among two. For first play you have to pay up to 10$ per month and for second you can pay 102$ for a year.


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