How to Download Facebook Videos Without any Software

Downloading any videos from YouTube is very simple you can download it with third party software or else you can download without any software as well. In Facebook also we are sharing many videos. Facebook also let their users to download any videos without any software and by doing some work around. you may say this things as hack. Continue reading

How to Convert your Facebook Photos to Pdf files

We have share our emotions, thoughts to Facebook through photos. we just want to have all those Facebook images as a collection. Just think that if you have all of your Facebook images as a single PDF files Facebook let you a way to create it using third party software.Learn here to Convert all your Facebook images as a pdf files.

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How to Download all of your Facebook Photos

Facebook has more then a million photos in it and there are thousands of photo uploading to Facebook with in a minute. We share all of our photo and occasions with Facebook. We always have a thought to keep all of our Facebook Photos with us as a local copy. We can get it l,let’s see how.
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How to Block any Website

Children are very keen to work in internet and parents are worrying about their children. Their are many ways that children can visit adults websites or to some unwanted websites by mistake. Parents may know the trick to Block adult website.But, some of non techie parents are very keen to do this things. Any parents can block this websites and this tutorial will explain an non-Tech way to block any websites. Continue reading

How to Upload videos to YouTube using Emails

Posting and uploading videos to YouTube is much simpler. You just need an Email ID from YouTube. You no need to have browser also.This tutorial will let you learn how to upload videos to YouTube using Emails.  Continue reading

How to Upload video to YouTube From Mobile

Learn here to upload your video video to YouTube from your mobile or IPad. If you want to share something immediately, that should reach more people in short time.then YouTube is the Good source to publish your video. YouTube also let their users to upload videos from their mobile itself. learn here to upload from mobile. Continue reading