Sell Photos Online

Now a days everybody are eager to take pictures where ever they are. If you take some pictures in good creativity manner or in good quality, you can really make some amount in it.

Photos are occupying an important role in today’s teens life. We are very glad to take pictures and share it. If your a good photographer,then you can make some amount over your pictures through ImgEmbed. Visit the site and register yourself. Once you get an account you can upload your photos or else you can grab your pictures from flicker, Instagram too.

Once your photos are uploaded,you can set fix an amount for your pictures. You can can earn amount from your photos when, some one use your photo.

Imgembed is a social site where website creators, developer and even a person can use your photo. Mostly your photos are handle by web designers and developers. Consider an photo you have taken and fix it for a dollar. If some use it in their website. If the impression level of the site which ia using your picture is increase to 5000 or  10000 impressions,then the site owner must pay the amount fixed for that photo.

You can make revenue on it. Most pictures are in low resolutions. Small in size and with good quality. By default the photo is comes up with the owner name. Imgembed let you to fix your photos based on the impression rate and how others make use of that photo.

You can edit your photos, you can view who is using your photos and you can upload any number of photos.


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