How to Convert your Images to Text

We are usually doing some edits with our photo,even we don’t know how to word with the software. For those who are interested in editing photos and always search for new software’s to do it. Here is the new one for you.

You no need to get software to do this edit. Just visit Textify website and browse for an images which you want to edit or convert it to text. This website let you to convert any of your images into text.

To work with Textify editor, you no need to bee an expert. Just see the controls and perform on it,then your images are ready. When your in the Textify site you can view only two buttons and a control bar. Click on the Browse and then select a picture and then your works are only in that control bar. Type the text in the text box and then click on the “Apply settings” button. It will convert the image to text which you have typed in the text box. Editor will allow you to insert effects into your pictures and also let you to change font family. They allow only four font families. watch the below video to know more on it.

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