Add Download Button to YouTube using Mozilla

When you using Mozilla Firefox as a default browser. while you watching a video on YouTube,you may want to download it and you don’t want to use third-party software. then you may want to read this article.

You cannot see download button in any YouTube videos. But, it let you to add download button. when you having Mozilla Firefox with you, this can be done easily with the most famous add-ons GreaseMonkey. you could follow some steps do to it.

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Open your Mozilla browser and then select add ons at the bottom of the page now you’re in the add ons page of Mozilla Firefox. Search for Greasemonkey and install it. now open userscripts and search for YouTube Video DownloadDownload button to YouTube download YouTube video download scripts and install it in your browser. It will ask your permission give as it ask and wait till it finishes. Once it finishes your are done. go to YouTube and play any video you can see download button below the video click on it and then download as per your wished format.

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Adding Download Button to YouTube using Opera Browser

Follow the same procedure for Opera browsers too. Add GreaseMonkey and then download YouTube video download scripts from userscripts.


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