How to Create our own Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are very popular among today’s teens. Some of us may get,thought to create our own Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, etc., this could be the article for those persons.

Now a days,teens are very actively participate on social networking  for sharing their views and get connected with their friends.

If you like to maintain a social networking site on your own just follow the steps given in this article.


Requirements of a social networking site is to be more creative and should add new things to it simultaneously.

Once you get ready with the clear plan and want to start yours,just go to social engine and create your own site.

Visit the site and then you can see a button  “create your social network site” click on it. It will navigate you to the page where you can select your premium package plan. If you like to get more traffic on your site then you have to select wide range plan from the premium package.

Then select your site theme and give your domain name to the site. Name should be unique and more easy remember by anyone.

Tips: social networking sites are famous for certain period of time. if you doesn’t do changes in it.So, always introduce or add something which make your site more entertaining place.

* provide customization option of your users page or account and make your users engage with your site.

* don’t change your theme color and name of your site. But, let your users to change their username, color, theme of their accounts.


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