How to Work Offline with Google Chrome

Working offline is possible with Internet Explore and Mozilla Firefox. Google haven’t introduced this option up to previous version.But, latest release has this option by default. Till that version you have to enable this option inside Google Chrome.

Google chrome has this option presents inside it settings which you cannot  see in ordinary settings. To make your chrome work offline you have to do some work around.

Working offline method save the pages which you have visited frequently in cache memory and when your offline,chrome will give you an option which says “show saved page”. When you click over this option your page will load from cache memory and it look similarly like the original page.

Offline mode save webpages with their HTML,CSS and JavaScript code in cache.So, Cached webpages is look similarly like original. But, it will refer to internet when some of the content in the page look data from online.

To enable offline version go to chrome address bar and type the following “chrome://flags/” and search for the “Enable Offline Load Stale Button” and select enable in the drop down box. Then you are done.

When you search when your in offline you will see the message like below image. Click on the show saved copy button and your chrome will load the webpage from cache.

work offline with chrome
Work offline with chrome



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