How to Create Twitter Widget

Twitter is the Social networking site like Facebook and Google+,. It let their users to create there own Twitter widget and let them to add this widget into their website or blogs. Learn here to create your own widget.

Twitter is the popular Social networking sites which has more then 300  million users. Every one in the users are usually share there thought with their follower,

Twitter has the provide an way to create widgets for users profiles. which let you to add those widgets to your site or blogs. A user can create more then

Create Twitter Widget
Create Twitter Widget

one widgets. You can create a widgets within a minute time and your users can view your activity on Twitter with the widget itself and also they can retweet or they can add Tweet you and also they can follow.

Visit to Twitter to logon and the click on the profile picture of you and then go to settings now you can able to see Widget tab,click on it and then click Create new.

It will prompt you for the details of the Twitter widget and also it let you to see the preview of your widget. Below video will demonstrate you to create one.


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