What is the Difference Between Google and Yahoo

We usually use Google has our default search Engine. Yahoo is one of the best search engine where we can do some activities,which Google Doesn’t. Learn the things here.

In which way Yahoo is better than Google. The one thing we usually think about Yahoo

Yahoo is Better than Google
Google vs Yahoo Difference

is,it take more time to load and it has all the widgets in it.So, we go to Google where it will load from cache and it let us comfortable with our search queries. But, Yahoo has some more facilities with it, which Google doesn’t have.

  1. It let us to compose new mail instantly from the search bar of the Yahoo page. just type !mail <recipient mail ID>. Consider this as example !mail asdf@gmail.com.It will automatically compose an mail for you and you have to write only the content.
  2. This is for entertainment. if you want lyrics of any songs or popular singers. just type the name of the popularity then song name then lyrics. like Michel Jackson Dangerous lyrics. you will get many link to get it.
  3. You can search any favorite website,which has contents in wikipedia. like !wiki ebay. it will provide the details of ebay. which has contents from wikipedia
  4. This is the functionality which is impossible with Google and done easily with Yahoo. The functionality is, If you want to know how many links are coming from some website which denotes your website. you have to use a command called linkdomain:<tagerget website name> site:<from website name>  example: linkdomain:bbc.com  site:wikipedia.org

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