How to Download Facebook Videos Without any Software

Downloading any videos from YouTube is very simple you can download it with third party software or else you can download without any software as well. In Facebook also we are sharing many videos. Facebook also let their users to download any videos without any software and by doing some work around. you may say this things as hack.

You can download ant videos from website with third party software. just recollect,how to download. play any video which you want to download and copy the URL in the address bar and paste it in the Video down loader software and then hit download button.

In Facebook also you can do the same things.But, it still allow us to download any of our Facebook video. This tricks will help you to download any of the Facebook videos. This tricks will happen in address an video and then play it, see the URL of that video it may like.

Download Any Facebook Video
Download Any Facebook Video

Just Replace the www with m then your URL like this. Now, your in the mobile version of the Facebook. right click on the video and then select Download as option or Save as option,then select an location to save and then hit save button.

Simple tricks Download Facebook Videos
Simple tricks Download Facebook Videos



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