How to Convert your Facebook Photos to Pdf files

We have share our emotions, thoughts to Facebook through photos. we just want to have all those Facebook images as a collection. Just think that if you have all of your Facebook images as a single PDF files Facebook let you a way to create it using third party software.Learn here to Convert all your Facebook images as a pdf files.

We share our greater moment with Facebook has photos and videos as well. Suppose

Convert Facebook photos to PDF files
Convert Facebook photos to PDF files

we might in the situation to send our photos to our friends or family members whose not having account in Facebook.

We can send our images bus emails.but, it has some restrictions in size.can’t greater then 25MB like that. But, you can do this with a third party software.just follow the steps to get it work. we might keep all our facebook data in our local machine.

1) Logon with Facebook.

2) then navigate to account settings and you can now see download option in it. like this pic

Facebook photos as PDF files
Facebook photos as PDF files

Click on the Download Facebook data and it will download all of your Facebook data as a zip file. that zip file contains all your images, your personal details. All the pics are in HTML file format. now you have to convert HTML file to PDF files using Sonic Pdf creator or choose software on your basis.

3) Download Sonic PDF Creator and install it. once install open the application and click on the browse button and then select all of your html files and then click on the create PDF files.

  • NOTE: While downloading your files, Facebook may prompt you for the password and mail id. give it as yours and then it will get start download.

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