How to a Activate Safe Mode in YouTube

Learn to activate safety mode in YouTube. this would lead you to avoid inappropriate content in YouTube.

Usually when parents searching something in YouTube with their children. They are very concern with the contents they are searching as well as about the suggested videos too. there are some possibilities In YouTube we might have met with inappropriate contents which might be relate to terrorism or adults contents. If you don’t want to encounter with those contents, YouTube let you a way to control it through Safe Mode. Just follow the steps to activate the safe mode.

  1. Login to YouTube with Gmail account.
  2. You can access the safe mode mode in home page itself.

  3. Scroll down to bottom of the page and click safe mode(now its Safety) link.

  4. It will load the safety contents.By default safety mode is turned off. Once you turned On, where ever you use YouTube with this account(logged mail ID) safe mode is automatically will enable.

  5. Just click on On and the save. that’s it.

Activate Safe Mode on YouTube
Activate Safe Mode on YouTube


Now safe mode for your account in YouTube is activated. If you want you can change it any time.


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