How to Add CreativeCommon License to your Website

This tutorial will let you learn about creative common license for your website. Every website must have a license to run. If your website has subdomain,then they itself provide you a license to use the website.

If your actually developing a website and you want to include some license in it means.

CreativeCommon Licenses
CreativeCommon Licenses

CreativeCommom is a easy way and popular one to use it. creativeCommon is the non-profit offer an alternative to copyrights  There are totally two license provide by creative common. select the one which suits you.Once you included this license to your website contents are copyrighted to you.

Based on the license which you selected,others can use your contents.

  1. You alone going to write or edit your articles. Then your the person’s who has copyrights of the content. No one has rights to reproduce your articles and edit it.
  2. You let others to edit your articles. Any one can write articles or edit your articles.

Decide the license which you want to add, grab the code and add to your website.


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