How to Upload videos to YouTube using Emails

Posting and uploading videos to YouTube is much simpler. You just need an Email ID from YouTube. You no need to have browser also.This tutorial will let you learn how to upload videos to YouTube using Emails. 

Now a days we are very eager to share the social activities with the world. YouTube is the video gallery where thousands of members seeing videos in minute. consider an situation, That your waking on the road, you have seen an incident which hurts you lot. You have taken an video on it and you want to share those things with others.But,your out of laptop. It can be done if you have smart phone with you.

YouTube let their users to upload videos using Emails. YouTube itself  provide your secret email ID. you can find your secret mail id from your YouTube account. If you want YouTube let you to change it. Follow the steps to upload videos using Email

  1. Compose an new mail to the YouTube mail ID.
  2. Attach your video with that mail and send.

  3. You can see your video in YouTube after some time. YouTube will enhance your video and publish it.

While attaching consider the terms and conditions of video size and limit.


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