How to Upload video to YouTube From Mobile

Learn here to upload your video video to YouTube from your mobile or IPad. If you want to share something immediately, that should reach more people in short time.then YouTube is the Good source to publish your video. YouTube also let their users to upload videos from their mobile itself. learn here to upload from mobile.


We are usually upload videos to YouTube from our Computers. But, YouTube let their users to upload video directly from their mobile or IPad. Requirements for this process

Upload video  to YouTube from Mobile
Upload video to YouTube from Mobile

is your player should have sharing button in it.  Follow the steps given to upload your video to YouTube.

  1. Play your video in the your mobile or IPad. then click on the share button in the player.

  2. In IPhone you can see the share button in bottom corner. In Android, mostly you can see it in settings or options.

  3. Select YouTube icon from option. Then it will prompt your for username and password. provide it and then give Title to the Video, add description, add Tags and it also let you to select tags.

  4. once you complete all the process. wait till it complete sharing process. It will take time based on the size of your video.

  5. Now you can able to see your video on YouTube and you can share it.


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