How to Block any Website

Children are very keen to work in internet and parents are worrying about their children. Their are many ways that children can visit adults websites or to some unwanted websites by mistake. Parents may know the trick to Block adult website.But, some of non techie parents are very keen to do this things. Any parents can block this websites and this tutorial will explain an non-Tech way to block any websites.

Now a days parents are worrying about that their children, are spending more time in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube. If you don’t want to open those websites,you can just follow the steps to block those websites. You can block any websites by this tricks.

  1. Goto start and then click on run for windows XP. For windows 7 or 8 use this shortcut press window key and the r simultaneously.
  • Note: you can also use this shortcut in windows XP
  1. Type the following and then press enter.

notepad c:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

above statement will open a notepad application with a file called host.

  1. Now go to the bottom of the file. press enter and then type the following lines. <Website name you want to block>


  • Note: no need to write full URL Save and then close the application.

By this way you can block any and N number of websites. is the default localhost IP address. That’s it. You have blocked all the websites which you have typed and saved.


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