How to Setup Playback Quality in YouTube

This tutorial will help you to learn how to setup the Playback quality of videos in YouTube. You can customize it according to your Broad-Band Connection speed. Let see how to setup. 

YouTube let their customers to set the Quality of playback videos. It means that, if you want to play the video in HD means. You can make all videos play in HD. If you have slow network connection. Then YouTube will play video according to your network connection.

YouTube let their user to edit this settings any time. By default, YouTube account is set with the option which automatically recognize the connection and player. based on above criteria,YouTube provide as the best Quality. Follow the steps provided and make it work.

  1. Logon to YouTube with Gmail account. If you don’t have account( its recommended to Create one)
  2. Then click on the settings near the you channel name.
Set Quality of Playback Video
Set Quality of Playback Video
  1. It will open your account settings. select Playback option in it. It let you to set the options.
Select Playback Option in Settings
Select Playback Option in Settings

3.1)  Selected one is the default option. Plays video based on your connection speed and player settings. You can also check the Always play HD on fullscreen option. Whn this option is selected then you can view only the HD videos.

  • Note: If HD video is not available. It will provide the quality as it is in the video

3.2) If you have slow connection. then this option is recommended

  1. Then click on the save button. now you set the playback quality of YouTube

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