How to Connect Game Console with YouTube

Learn here to connect your game console with your YouTube. let see how to connect it. 

Every year count of YouTube users and subscribers are increasing rapidly,100 hours of videos are uploading every minutes into YouTube accounts,according to the YouTube Statistics. Usually we like to see movies or videos in a bigger screen. YouTube know our thoughts and provide an app with smart TV. Though the app we can connect our YouTube account with smart TV.

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Consider an situation,that your watching a famous video on YouTube and you want to view it over a big screen. This can be possible if you have a smart TV on your house. Follow this steps to connect your TV with YouTube account.

  1. Logon to YouTube account with your Gmail. If you not having account recommends you to create it
  2. Click on the YouTube app on your TV and navigate to settings in that app.
  3. Find pair device option in it.
  4. It will display a pairing code. type that code in the box in the YouTube pairing page. 
Connect YouTube with TV
Connect YouTube with TV

5. Then press Add this TV button. now you can view YouTube on TV.


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