How to Clear Backsector on Pendrive

This article will let you learn how to remove back sector. This can be done with simple command prompt command. Let’s see.

consider an situation, your copying some data to your pendrive. Unfortunately you have canceled the operation or else due to some other activity, copying process was cancelled. those files which are on the way to pendrive might store in pendrive or some other disk as backsector.

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This can be removed by running check disk command in command prompt.

  1. Open command prompt by typing cmd in run. you can open run by pressing window key and r simultaneously. Then press enter,now you will be in command prompt.
  2. Type chkdsk <Drive Name> /r . it will ask you for confirmation like Yes/No, you can answer by pressing y/n.

  3. Wait till it finishes. Now your disk/pendrive is clear from backsector.

Time taken is based on amount of files is stored as backsector. you can’t do this process for all the devices. some of the raw device can’t be used this method.


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