How to take Screenshots in Windows

Learn here to take Screenshots in Windows operating system. Taking screenshots is very important to provide something easy to understand,obviously what we are doing to explain something.  Let see how.

There are three ways is to take Screenshots in Windows operating system without any software’s,all are inbuilt only.

Method 1 of 3

Press print screen button(prtscn/ prntscn) in keyboard.mostly it’s present above home, page up,down keys. Then open run and then type mspaint to open paint application. Now, just press Ctrl+v or click paste icon in toolbar.

If you want you can edit your pic then save your picture by pressing Ctrl+s. Now you have the screenshot of your screen.

Method 2 of 3

Consider an situation your getting an error message from an application,now you want help from someone over this issue. It’s better that you ask with that error message.

If you want to take Screenshot of popup window or window placed at top means. Here is the solution. Press alt and print screen together.Now, you have the screen shots of that error message.

Method 3 of 3

This method is used a tool comes with operating system. Goto run then type snipping tool now you can see a tool. By using this tool you can take picture as your wish.

Press new in that tool and then select the area where you want to take a picture. It will indicate selected area by red border.

Once you done it will automatically open your picture with editing tool. You can edit it. Then save your picture.

Screenshot using Snipping Tool
Screenshot using Snipping Tool


Snipping Tool Editing Windows
Snipping Tool Editing Window

In Windows 8 operating system press window key then print screen button,it will automatically save your picture under picture folder in documents.


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