How to Convert ppt to Picture

This tutorial will explain you how to Convert your presentation files to images. This can be done with Microsoft office 2010 itself. Let see how to do this.

Consider an situation,that you may want to include your presentation files into word documents to represent something. This can be done with your Microsoft office 2010.

Open Microsoft presentation application and create your presentation file. Once you done with all you have to save your document.

You can save document by pressing Ctrl+s or you can select save option under file menu. Once you click on the save button it will prompt you for file name. Give unique file name and choose the location to save your file.

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Then in the file format option which is present below the file name textbox. Select save as JPEG format. Now your done In the process of converting presentation files to images.

Every slide in the file is converted to images. Now you can add your  presentation images to word file.

Microsoft office 2010 let there users to save their presentation files in some other image format also. Like ping.


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