How to Create PDF files using Google Drive

Google Drive is a Cloud service provided by Google, free of cost. It allow us to upload and share your files. It allow us to convert our Microsoft office Word files to PDF files also. Let’s See how its works.

Google Drive is the cloud service. Where you can upload, download your files from either from your computer or from mobile and also Google drive let you to access your files from any where you want through it Application. Google Drive apps is available for

Convert Word file to PDF using Google Drive
Convert Word file to PDF using Google Drive

windows, Mac, mobile. IPad and IPhone version of Google Drive apps are coming soon.

Consider an situation, that your having an Microsoft Word file that should be transfer to someone in PDF format. In this situation you don’t have any converters. Now Google Drive will help you to convert your Word document into PDF. This can be done with simple work around.

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  1. Logon to Google Drive with Gmail account. if you don’t have Google account. it’s recommend to open Gmail account. Once you created then login and  Upload your word file to your Google Drive.
  2. Once you uploaded you can view your file in the list. open the file. Now Google drive open you file.

  3. If you want you can do changes and then click print option. it will pop up a window,in that window select print option and select save as PDF option.

  4. It will prompt you for name and location. Once you given, click on save button, now your word file is fully converted into PDF file.


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