How to Convert presentation file to pdf file.

Learn to convert your Microsoft presentation file to pdf file.

Consider an situation, your having a presentation file which have to share to someone over email or something else.But, you don’t want them to edit your file. Pdf is the best format for internet.because it can’t edit and memory size is also less.

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Let’s learn how to convert presentation files to pdf files.

  1. Create or open an Microsoft presentation(ppt) file. Once you done save it by ctrl+s or select
Convert your Presentation File to PDF file using Microsoft office 2010

save from file menu.

  1. It will prompt your for name. Give a unique name and select pdf in file format.
  2. Now you can see you presentation file in pdf format in the selected location.

Each slide in the presentation file is convert to each page in pdf file. If you have 20 slides then your pdf file should be 20 pages.


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