How to Convert Excel file to pdf file.

Learn to convert your Microsoft office Excel file to pdf file with Microsoft office 2010

Excel is the important tool, some how we might use this tool as database too. Some times we might have want to keep excel file as pdf to make it secure and protect from editing it. This tutorial will help you out. Learn to convert excel file to pdf using Microsoft office 2010.

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No need to install any software or add any plugins to Microsoft office. Follow this steps to convert pdf files.


  1. Create a new excel file in office 2010 and do your work on it or else you can open an existing files.
  2. Once you completed,you have to save your file. Now select save option under file menu or use the short cut Ctrl+s

  3. It will prompt you for file name,give a unique name and select file format option.

  4. In the list you can find pdf, select it and click on save option.

Now you can find the pdf file of excel file in the location you have saved.


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