How to set Password to pdf files

Pdf can be abbreviated as Portable document format. This format was introduced by Adobe acrobat and this act as an important role around the internet world. You can also protect your pdf by setting passwords. Here the things you have to do.

Pdf files are comfortable and light in size. So, it’s so popular among internet world. Many of us sending

Protecting your PDF files

pdf documents to others through email or some other social sites. there is a possibility of some other person can see our document. So, we must keep it safe.

You can set Password to your pdf files. This can be done easily with pdf converter elite. Here are the steps to set passwords in pdf files.

  1. Open your pdf converter software and navigate to menu section then select set Password option.
  2. It will popup an pop up window and it will ask you for two things. One is your document password and another is your master password.

  3. Give a password to your document and also give master password. Master password is used when you want to remove your pdf files password. While removing password it will ask only for master password not your document password.

Once you set your password that’s all you done with it. Your document is now fully protected.

How to Remove password from pdf files.

To remove your password from pdf file, you must know your master password.

Navigate to Remove password option and it will prompt you for the passwords.  It will ask only master password.

Provide master password then your password is removed from your document.


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