How to install WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp act as important role in today’s life of smart phone. Some of want to use WhatsApp on our PC’s. Learn to install.

WhatsApp is an app for chatting which is owned by Facebook. You can install WhatsApp on your PC via BlueStacks. BlueStack is an application which let you install most of the android apps on your PC.

You can download BlueStacks from above link. Once installed open the application and open it.It will display all the apps of Android. Search for WhatsApp and install it.

WhatsApp on PC
Installing WhatsApp on PC

WhatsApp will prompt you to login. You must login to use this application through Google account(if you don’t have gmail account. Recommends to create Gmail account)

WhatsApp must ask for mobile verification you must have a phone to use this application. It will send you the verification code via SMS and it will verify your no by automatically.Otherwise, it will prompt you for call verification process. Click on the Call me button and you will receive a call and you can hear your verification code type it and verify.

Create your account  and now you can send and receive your messages through your machine. It work same as WhatsApp on your mobile device.

Installing WhatsApp on PC
– Installing WhatsApp on PC
Installing Whatsapp on PC - Verification Image
– Installing WhatsApp on PC – Verification Image
  • BlueStacks is an Android emulator through which you can install all Android apps.

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