How do I Convert PDF files to another formats.

The essential of PDF files are read only. If you want to convert to another document types then this can be done easily by doing so.e work around.

Sometimes we might have want to keep a pdf files in another format. Then here is the way to convert pdf files to word, excel, HTML, images formats.

Saving file in Pdf file format

Open your PDF documents in the PDF converter elite. Click on the type you want to convert in the tool box wait for a while it will convert and prompt you to save the file.

How to Convert PDF files to PowerPoint presentation files.

Here is the another tip to convert your pdf files to PowerPoint presentation.

  1. Open your pdf file. which you want to convert into presentation file in PDF converter elite.

  2. Hit on the PDF files to PowerPoint button in the tool box.

  3. Based on the document file size, it will take time to convert.

  4. Pdf converter elite will prompt you to save the file.

  5. Once completed your done with the process of converting pdf file to PowerPoint presentation.


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