How to set Watermark to your PDF files.

PDF documents are the predefined files. We cannot edit our pdf files. If you want to insert images to your document, what you will do in this situation. This tutorial will teach you how to insert images as watermark and create pdf document files.

Pdf files cannot be edited once it’s created. If you want to edit, then you must convert it into some other file types and then you can edit it. All the manipulation of pdf files can be done easily pdf converter elite.

The above tool let you place an image as watermark to your PDF documents. This can be done while creating a file or while editing the PDF files. Below are the steps you can follow to set image/text as watermark.

  1. Select images as watermark option in the tool box.
  2. It will open a sidebar in the right hand Side. Click on browse button and navigate to location where you have an image to set as watermark.

  3. Once you select the picture, set the opacity value and change the angle of image as you want and select underlay option in the picture option.

  • underlay option keep your images below the text in the documents.

  • overlay let you keep the image over the  text on that page.

  • opacity – it’s an option of increasing/decreasing the brightness. Once you start reduce value your image darkness getting reduced.

  1. You can set image to particular page or to every page in the document. You have option in the sidebar itself.

  2. Once you did all the steps. Click on images as watermark button in the sidebar you can see your image as watermark.

It will display image as you select your options in the sidebar.steps are same to set text as watermark. Instead of selecting image as watermark select text as watermark option in the toolbar.


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