How to Connect to Google DNS server

Google has provide many services to their user in this list Google added one more services. That is public DNS server. Any one can connect to Google public DNS server.

This tutorial Wil let you know how to connect your computer with the Google public DNS server.

Usually If any user request for an website. It will connect to DNS server which is present in the ISP(Internet Service providers). Our machine will automatically redirect to ISP DNS server.

  • from Internet Service providers only we get internet connection.

You can also by pass it and make it connect to the Google public DNS server. Google will connect to the closest data center and do the user needs. Below steps will Nexplain you to setup Google DNS on your machine. The following step is for Windows 7 operating system.

  1. Select network and sharing center in control panel.
  2. Clock on the link present in the access type connections.

  3. It will pop up a window. In that Window select the property. It will populate another window there you can find internet protocol version 4.

4.double click on it and it will populate another window. Click on obtain IP Address automatically radio button and use the following DNS server. In preferred DNS server type and in the alternate DNS server type

  1. Click ok close all the Windows. Now your machine is connected to Google public DNS server.

Below video will demonstrate how to set Google DNS server in Windows 7 operating system


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