How Computers Read Data.

Computer act as major source now a day for information as well as a major source for keep our self engage. How the computer Read any content typed by us and save it.let see how it’s work.

Computer is an electronic machine which will not understand our languages. But, still we use our our regional languages and also computer provide an interface to change the languages as we want.
What ever it may be the languages, computer will convert this all to the binary language. As a name implies binary language has only zeros and once in it. One implies for true and zeros is for false.

Computer will convert all the characters into there corresponding  ASCII values. Once complete it will divide each and every characters are divide by two for making them binary.

Consider a simple example.
5 is the value of a (actually it is 97 for small a and 65 for capital).
Divide it by 2. First divide value is 2*2=4 and balance is 1. Keep the remaining as it.
Continue dividing still you get 1. Computer will considered only the remaining values. You will get for 5 is 101. Read it from bottom to up. This is what the actual operating speed of the  Computers.

This way only it will work for all kind of data and for saving also it will work similarly.


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