What is DNS Server

Every websites are hosted in web servers. Web server is the computer machine which has all the websites hosted to that server. Once we request any website through our browser how can web server find the particular websites.let’s see how.

Web browsers are act as an intermediate between user and the web servers. Once you press enter after type particular address.  Your web browser will try to convert all of your details to the packets and send to the webserver.

How a machine can find the address which was entered by us. As I told early webserver is also a machine. Here only DNS servers comes into pictures. If you want you can keep DNS in a separate machine or else configure it within Windows server operating systems.

The purpose of DNS server is to convert the user entered web address into machine understandable IP Address and put this IP Address in the packets and send to the webserver.

Webserver process it and fetch the data and resend the packet with the requested websites. Every time you click on the link what is happening is exactly what I explained here.

While receiving data from the server also DNS server while convert the IP Address into the Human readable address format. All this process are happening in the backend before the packet is released.


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