What is DHCP server

We are using Facebook,Google plus, Twitter and many more sites, this sites are called social networking sites.we are using this sites through internet connection. Communication can be done only by means of network. Internet is nothing but international network. Every machine connecting to network has its unique IP Address. Let see how the DHCP server is working.

IP Address are classified as two types. There are static and dynamic. Static IP Address are given by network administrator this IP Address will not change till administrator change it.

  • network is the interconnection of computers.

Dynamic IP Address will change once you switch off the modems. A admin can set IP Address to fifty machines. Keeping IP Address for the fifty machine itself take around four hours.

If you have thousands of machine let’s think on it. Here only DHCP server comes into picture. DHCP server is the part of server operating systems. We have to configure it while installing operating system.

  • NOTE: you can configure it where ever you want.

Configuring DHCP server.

Choose the DHCP server configuration option in the control panel and then set the address limit. DHCP server will generate IP Address and store it in the Lookup table.

If a user logging in then a IP Address is fetch and assigned it to that particular user. Once the user logoff the address is placed back to the server. This is the dynamic allocation of IP Address. That’s why we call DHCP server as dynamic host configuration protocol.

  • Lookup table: here all the generated IP Address are stores and then provide to every user while logging in.
  • Lookup table are working on the basis of indexing.

Details about the user, IP Address and work done buy the user with in that time are stores in the log file/table for further clarifications.

This server is used only to give IP Address to the users not to websites and servers. Those all are having static address. Every time address is same client can reach easily.

We can simply state DHCP server as “will allocate IP Address dynamically to users.”


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