What is Server and client

Here is the general article about server and client. Which will explain you about what is Server and client and how server client architecture is working. Let’s start the learning session.

Server and Client are the general terms used frequently in networking. Server and client are the computers only which will do the work of them.

Server is the computer which will accept the request from Client and work/process on the request and provide response to the client. Client is also a computer which will send request to the server machine.

Request are sent to the server machine over the network. Request are formed within the router level and make it as packets. Every request is convert into packets, each packets of size 32 bytes. This packets contain all the details about the computer and as well as about your request. The first layer of the packets is IP Address. From address is yours and to address is Server IP Address. If the packet size exceed 32 byte it will create another packet.

This address are formed automatically. The packet also contain MAC(Machine Address) or the Ethernet address. In router/ modern the packets are formed. Based on your request many packets are formed and make ready to deliver to network. When your packet crossed router it should be in network,where all others request also be there.

Packets are found based on the MAC address. And sent to the server. Server receive it and process on the request, before processing it will check which network are you from( there are many types of network there. We will discuss it soon). Once the process is over server will send the request back to the client acknowledged with the success message and forward it. Now the from address is Server IP Address and to address is yours.

Once your machine received all the packets back you can view it on window.This is how the server and clients are working.

  • NOTE: Network can be defined in simple terms like. Communication between two or more then two computers. Computers are connected via lan cable or through wireless.

  • This is the methodology used in all the network. Browsing, application request but the protocol used by the network is different.


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