What is IP Address

This tutorial will teach you what is IP Address and how this are working. IP Address can be abbreviated as Internet Protocol Address. To connect your machine with internet you must get an address that’s called IP Address.

All human beings are having there home address in same way every website and every computers connected to internet also have some address to find the particular computer. Once the computer is connected to network it can called as node or peer.

Let see what is internet,protocol and address.

Internet – To connect you with internet
Protocol – protocol is the way how you should connect and what are the rules you must follow to connect.
Address – you will get an address to connect.

Internet is provided by ISP. It can also be abbreviated as Internet Service Providers. Once you get the I internet. Connection you will get access to any website in the world. Hope so you have some basic knowledge on how server and clients are working.

IP Address are. Classified as two types
1. IPV4  – Internet protocol version 4.
2. IPV6 – internet protocol version 6.

What is IPv4.

Internet protocol version 4 is the 32 bit address format. It’s the old format used in network and now also we are using it.


Above I’d the example and will see What it’s. it is the four part address and each part can have from 0 to 255. around 1980’s humans can not set the address to everyone connected to internet. Because, there are million connection over the world and they cannot assign the unique address to everyone.

so, they found an server named DHCP. this DHCP  can also be abbreviated as dynamic host configuration protocol. By using this server we can set the IP Address automatically to every host connected to the network.

IPV4 is further  classified as thread types and we can say this as classes.

Classes are found passed on the first part name of the IP Address.

Class a – class a IP Address can start from 0 to 126 in the first part.
Class b – start from 127 to 191
Class c – start from 192 to 217

Other three parts in the address can have from 0 to 255.we can have approximately more than 16 lakh IP Address with to

What is IPV6.

Ipv6 is the 128 bit address. It has, they can also use hexadecimal format in address. it is using now days and introduced in 1995. Ipv6 comes into picture to increase the no of IP Address. It can have approximately over 40 lakh address between first class address.

Here also they are using DHCP server to set address automatically.
Based on the address only request and response between server client will pass. Let see more on the IP Address in next post


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