How to Block displaying of Adult contents from Search engines

This tutorial will let you know about restricting a search engine for filtering adult contents. We have to do some work around on search engine settings/preferences.

This tutorial lead you to set the search engines to filter out the adult contents. If you search for that website also it will not display. Automatically filter the content. Once you did this search engine will not display even an advertisements banner regarding the contents.

1) In Google search engine.

  1. Navigate to the given address
  2. Place a check Mark in the filter explicit content option and click on save.

  3. Now your search engine safe search is on and will not let you to search over it.

  • NOTE:  Search engine safe search will get remove once you delete the cookies of the browser. Whole deleting the cookie take off the tick Mark from the check box then proceed.

2) In Yahoo search engine.

  1. Visit search for something you want.
  • You can notice the settings button on the right top corner and select preferences.

  • It will navigate to settings window and select strict from the drop-down and then save it.

  • Now yahoo search engine is ready to use.

  • 3) In Bing search engine.

    Follow the steps given for yahoo search engine to do this.

    Here you can find the strict radio button.

    *NOTE: don’t delete cookies of browser while deleting it remove the tick Mark from safe search check box.

    It may still shown some poster on adult contents. Be sure while clicking on the suspicious link while children is present.


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