How to Block Adult contents on Browsers

This tutorial will explain you about how to block the adult websites on any browser. Now a days children’s are using internet we want to hide them to view any adults banner incidentally. How to do those things we will have to do some work around it.Let’s get start.

To make our work easier every browsers support add-ons. Adding a particular add-ons will do this works

We no need to worry about the children’s works. They will be in safe zone once you completed it.

1) open any browsers application and navigate to the menu bar or settings.

2) In settings you can see the add-ons section, select it. You will navigate to the browsers website add-ons/ extensions sections

For Mozilla Firefox you can find add-ons under extensions menu.

For Google chrome you can find extensions under chrome settings in the right pane.

3) In the extensions page you can find the extensions by using keywords. type keywords in search box. parental control/ block adult websites this are some keywords.

You will get lot of extensions, search over the extensions and download it or add it.

Once completed restart your browser our add-ons will take care of everything’s.

Internet is the great place for learning good things. Allow children’s to learn more over it.

Some of the extensions are:  web site blocker, web filter. I recommend you to use adblocker and pop up blocker for advance actions d safety.


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