How to Block Adult content for a particular user in windows 8

Adult websites can be block on any browsers and websites. Windows 8 let us to block adult content for a particular user on your machine. Let’s see how the stuff is working.

Just follow a couple of steps to work on it.

1) logon to windows 8 machine with administration rights.

2) click on the windows button on keyboard or make a clock on the left bottom corner of your desktop. And then type control panel.

3) in control panel window select “Network and Internet”

4) then click on the Internet options. Now you can see the property window on screen.

5) Click the content tab.

6) Click on Family safety button.

7) then it will lead to the Select user account window. Where you gonna select a particular user. Select it and then select ON enforce current settings next to the family safety.

8) Select Web filtering link on the window.

9) select the appropriate options in the web filtering page. Then it will show a page with many restriction level

10) to you can see many levels name implies the levels of blocking. Select the appropriate restriction level and then close the window.

Now the particular user can’t view any adult website and not even popup adults add banners.

Now a days children using internet to restrict them select designed for children’s option. Any way all the options are gonna to block the adult site. Based on the usage you can select.


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