How web Browser are working

Browsers are the client side software where users are interact with the webserver over it. Basically we know that how browser’s are working but in deep way we don’t.  Let’s see how its work

When you type some address in address bar and the moment you press enter your entered address get passed to DNS server.

DNS server

DNS server can be abbreviated as domain name server. As we discussed earlier each website has its own address by means of IP address. The purpose of domain name is to convert the entered address into IP address. Why this happens.

We know the name of web site but webserver wont. Web server knows only the IP address of the web site. for making webserver to understand DNS server comes into pictures.

This IP address are static address. We see about IP address later.


After that your request and all your details are make as packets. Each packets consist of the details about your IP address, Mac address(Ethernet card address), your query, your subnet mask address, by using your IP address it will get to know the what version of IP address yours destination address.

Each packets of size 32 bytes. Once packets are ready then its time to release on the network each packet has client address has from address and destination address has two address.


Webserver are kind of server where we can have our website( websites are collection of web pages).

We are getting Internet connection from internet service provider(ISD). Packets include this address too.

And this email process is called sending request and what about the response?

The reverse process is response. usually clients are sending request and servers are working on the server and response over it.

This process is working in background this took time based on the internet connection speed. 

When browser receives data from server. From address will be server address and to address will be client address. You can view the site on browser.

Modem is the another devices where DNS conversion is working. Modem are changed based on the connection we use. For phone con section mobile is modem.


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