Why we are using Google

Google is one of the top five website in the world. Its a very famous search engine, we can get what ever we want. Similar to Google we many search engines but why we are using Google as search engine and as home page. Let start an discussion over it.

Google is the most famous website. Its rank fifth among all the famous website.

Its been used as homepage by lots of people and its being a famous search engine too. We have other search engine like bing, yahoo, ask and many things. We are using Google why?and the answer is.

Google website is so simple so that its load quick in slow internet connection too. Mostly Google is load from cache memory of browser. It provide search results as relevant as possible and the results are clear enough.

Google provide all the services to their users as free of cost. If you create an Gmail account( its an email service from Google) you can access all the services provided by Google. Some of the famous services are Google+ its social networking site, Google drive its a cloud service, YouTube its an repository for videos, Email its an email service and lot more. All those services are free of cost and you can access it through single gmail account.

Google also make money on it. They having some service called Google earth pro and they also provide advertisement services if your website has Google had its being one of the best website in internet.

Google also provide advanced search based on videos, images, news, calendar event and etc. You can purchase products via Google service called froogle.

They also provide downloads like Picasa, Google toolbar, etc. We can also improve your website rank using Google toolbar.

Google play is the place for application for android operating system. You know java well then you can become a android application developer but you should get developer license from Google.


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