How browser’s are working – in 6 steps for beginners

Browsers are acting as Intermediate between client and the server. We request server over browser and we see response from server over browser. What happening in between this? Let’s see.

Browser is nothing but an application which act As an mediator. When you first open a browser it will connect to the internet server and obtain an IP address of the current hone page from the server and display it over the browser window.

1) every website has its own address based in the address only it will retrieved from server.

2) when you type some address in the address bar of the browser and press enter. The browser will connect to the server.

3) while connecting there are many process is going on. We will brief description over it in a mean while time.

4) server search for that website in all the server and then it will send the data. Once all the data sent by the server is completely received by the  browser’s then it will display it.

5) you can see all those process in the status bar of the browser. When all receiving process is completed it shows done.

6) for every page it receives. Works are going on like this.


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