How Search Engines are working

Search engines are nothing but the computer server.  Daily we are using search engines and how many of them know how this things work perfectly? Let’s learn.

Search engines are the type of server. This server is still connects to other small servers and this is connected to their child server And the process is going on.

Centralized servers are the head of all the servers which can hold the information about all sub servers and child servers of those sub servers and also contents in those servers.

The purpose of search engines to serve the user with relevant resources and those should be worthy. Same information are given in many websites but some of them are getting displayed that’s because of indexing.

Web Spider

Web spider is the bots(computer program) the purpose of bot is to index the page. Indexing is start mostly from most popular one to least accordingly.

The bots catch the pages related to same topics and index those in some order. The process of catching the page from different server and indexing it is called crawling. The pages are crawl but they are still in same server.

Everyone of us has there own residential addresses in same way every server, web page, sites all having there address we call it has IP(Internet Protocol).

This web spider categories the page based on the keyword, important words or most popular words.

TIPS: if you use how to in your post it can consider by crawl. Because we usually use how to search.

While posting or writing some articles use keywords. Use keywords regularly to post. So that it can get at least indexed by web spider.

Based on the keywords only your getting details from search engines. Why they keep it name has web spider means. The architecture or connection between all servers are like the spiders web.

All the keywords are present in meta tag. Every website has metatag in the header part. Webmaster gives all the keywords related to your site in metadata description part.


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