What is SEO

SEO  is the most important way of making your website more popular for beginners views. SEO  can be abbreviated as Search Engine optimization.  let see how and what us SEO.

Let assume that you have created a new website related to computer technology. as of you created that brand new website will not be shown in any search engines.

How to let search engine to know your website

As a owner or admin of the site you  should let search engines to know about your website. How to let search engines like Google and yahoo to know you? You can add meta description if he search engines to your site and post related topics regarding your categories and site name.

We have lot of seo tools to work on it. The purpose of search engine is to let the users to be in the right track of getting right information regarding there query(search). Search engine will display results based on the SERP’S rank. SERP is site engine return page.

As a webmaster you must make your website to rank in SERP. Once it is ranked then you can view your site on the list but still not in the first page. as a new website it must have sufficient information to make user to view on it. Obviously it will take some time to reach in first page.

Where is SEO is coming now.

As I told already it an way to make yours popular. Popular in the sense. You gonna make your site to get high rank in SERP’S rank list, for that you have to follow some things, this things are comes under the name of SEO.

As a webmaster you must satisfy the visitors as well as search engine to make your self available.

simple way of SEO

1) Select an unique name for your website. Develop the site regarding your site name.

2) Use Social Media to make popularity. Create Facebook page and twitter account on the same name of your site.
Try to create account in all popular Social network sites. Should be on same name.

3) post regularly. So that you  could get enough stuff to serve for visitors.

4) don’t delay in reply. If any visitors asked anything. Just reply to them don’t make them to wait for long time. They may move to another site.

5) share on all social networking accounts. Don’t forget to share all of your social networking accounts.

6) write on wikipedia. Create a page on wikipedia. That should get all details on you and your websites.

This all are easy way of making your self popular. Nothing will comes in single night you have to work hard on it.


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