How to make all Unread EMail as Read in Gmail

Learning is the most important one and learning regarding computer tricks is very need now a days. In this way I gonna say something regarding our connector.

We are connecting each other through messages, what’s up and social networking site. In this list we can add emails too.

we are registering to many websites via our emails. We might have receive as many emails as possible per hour. We will not read all receiving emails(someone’s really read all mails) its getting clumsy if you have thousands of unread emails. Now make all unread emails as read from only four steps.

1.  In search box.

Type is:unread in search box and click on search button. You will receive all the unread emails.

  1. Select check box.

Below the search box you can see the checkbox. Just check it out. Besides of this you can see more option.

  1. Select More.

Click on the more option and select the as read option.

  1. Now all are read emails.

Now your all your inbox emails are read one.

NOTE: your inbox might have categories based many things. Category wise only it will make unread. We may do this process some times to make all read mails.


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