How to Clear BIOS on your Android device

Android device is the Most familiar device. it’s engage with all our hands and make our life as easier as possible by means of huge apps collection. we might have want to install many apps to our device. we might have install many apps in our phone memory. it gets filled and their no space for new apps and no memory to work with it. wt to do now? let”s see

If you install many apps in your device. It make our device to work slowly for that you must uninstall some apps. If your not like to do this, your phone might not work properly. to recover this you must restore your BIOS on your mobile. Actually their is nor BIOS on Android Device we have only Boot loader.

to restore your setting reboot your Device. while booting your device press on Power button and Volume reduce Button at once then it will clear your device. Your all installed apps get uninstalled and you can’t recover it.


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