How to do Facebook Marketing

This tutorial will help you to understand how to do marketing on Facebook. There are only simple steps to male you famous and familiar on Facebook.
Facebook is very famous  social networking site. It reached this position in very short period because of good marketing strategies and hard work.

  1. Page and group.

Decide what you gonna do and decide an appropriate name to it. Name should match your goal.

Create a page and group. with that name  share accordingly. Don’t post irrelevant content on your page and group. Ask your friends to share your post on there  wall.

  1. Create Even

Think about an event according to your content. You can create event by clicking on the calendar. Event should be done and ask friend

Provide price to the winner and publish there photos. 

  1. Publish ads.

Facebook provide ads facility. Where you can have publish your post and but need yo play some dollar for it.

Facebook ads are published besides of your Facebook page group and account. Once published your friends and even an unknown persons can see your event and they may want to participate.

  1. Regular post.

Publish post regularly on your page and group so that you can make your followers and viewers to stick with you.

This tips will help you to market o. Facebook. You can also earn money on Facebook.


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