How to Earn Money on YouTube

Hope you have an account on YouTube. You might have heard about that someone says earning money on YouTube is easy yes, of course its easy but, you have to follow to follow some ground rules. Let see what are they.

Ground rules are very easy but you should follow that strictly then you can able to earn money(it might have thousands of money) as quick as possible.

1. Google account

If you want to access YouTube. You Must have Google account. Once created sign in YouTube with it. Automatically you will get an channel. Now your ready to upload your videos.

2. Video and Sequence

Upload video frequently so that you will get more visitors and also you can make them stick with you.

Your video should quality should prove every time. Make sure that current video is better then precious one.

3. Clear in topic and net explain

Once decide to upload video on particular topic you must be clear with it. Upload content regarding same topic. Explain it as clear as possible.

4. Monetize your video.

By following all the previous points you will get visitors. Register you page for monetize. You can enable it this option from your channel setting. You can monetize every video you upload.

5. Become a YouTube partner.

The first. Condition to become a. YouTube partner is you must have 15k views in past 90 days. Once you became a YouTube partner you might have receive awards and cash as well as many advantages.

6.Provide account.

While monetize your content provide your bank account or PayPal account to receive money from Google.
Provide tag name and channel name relevant to your content. So that your visitors can easily find you on YouTube.

You will get money only that you ads get clicked and how many views is for your channels.

7. To Get more views.

Start a page on Facebook. Name should be your channel name and start share your content with your friends so that you will get more views. Also share on various social networking sites.

Lunch a website and add all of your videos on it.

8. Don’t give up.

Initial stage Google can’t recognise you wait and continue your work and make others to feel that only you can make easy to understand any concepts. Your voice and content should be very clear. If some one comments you reply to them properly.


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