How to become Popular in YouTube

If your new to YouTube. You don’t know how to become famous in YouTube. Here are the simple way to become famous. Let’s get started

YouTube is the world famous video gallery. You can find whatever you want in it. This videos are uploaded by someone in the world. Many people earning thousands of money via YouTube every month.

If you want to become a source of YouTube. You need an Google account. Once created with the Google login to YouTube and create your channel in YouTube.

1) Plan before starts.

First step is to think what you gonna do with your YouTube account. Whether your going upload videos related to education, Technology, programming language, Graphics related or any thing. Plan it before starts and create account on it.

2) channel Name and Logo

once you clear with the plan. Then your free to think about your channel name and Logo.
Your channel name should be unique and it could be easy to remember. Because your visitors can visit by your channel name. consider that your name is related to the. Content of your YouTube account. Logo is most important that should be attractive and should not be more clumsy.

3) videos and voice

once you ready with above all requirements next is to capture videos and your voice. They are many screen capture tool like desktop recorder, camtasia studio. I recommend camtasia studio its produce video in high quality with less memory size.
Check your audio device with camtasia whether its recording your voice or not.
Then ready with video and upload it.

4) frequent update and categorize your videos

Try to upload videos regularly and categorize your videos with various folders.

if any visitors ask doubt or they want to communicate you. You must available to clear there doubts and you must frequently update your channel.

5) Name and Tag

Try to name your videos begin with “how to”.because, everyone search something with how key ward. Keyword should be present in your title.

Tags are very important don’t include unnecessary tags. Include relevant tags and publish it.

If u have something over pls share with us.


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