How to change the Logon Screen in Windows 7

Learn how to change the Logon Screen of Windows Operating System. The default Logon screen in Windows & theme If you want to change it with your own Images, then you can make it work. 

Follow Four Steps to Set your customized image as logon image in your windows Operating system.

1) Go to run and type ‘regedit’, then press on the ok Button.

2) A window will appear. In left hand side you can see the ‘Hkey_users’  Click on the Plus(+) Button to expand it. Once expand select 1-5-19

3) You can find Control Panel Under this Option Click on it and then navigate it to Desktop.

4) Now you can see the WallPaper Option on the main window Double Click on it. and then place the location of your image in the box click ok. You machine  is ready with your Image.

You can also done this with an application. the following video will demonstrate it.


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